Terms Of Service (TOS)

Alcantara-Designs Terms of Service:

Description of Service

Alcantara-Designs designs websites, desktop software and provides other software and website-related services, including, but not limited to, graphics creation, content writing, support and modification of websites, e-commerce, flash, web-traffic reporting, database development, easy interface for updating the website, email accounts and additional website-related services.

Client is responsible for obtaining access to 3rd party services that may be required to successfully complete the project (including but not limited to, ISP, merchant accounts, email accounts, and payment gateways).

Electronic Delivery Policy

Alcantara-Designs is an online/internet business and communicates with its Clients electronically. When Client accepts this TOS Client consents to receive electronic communication from Alcantara-Designs (such as notices, agreements, disclosures, or other communications). Client agrees that Alcantara-Designs will ALWAYS send electronic communication to the email address provided to Alcantara-Designs at the time of sale.Client agrees to check the designated email addresses regularly for Notices. Notice from Alcantara-Designs is effective when sent by Alcantara-Designs, regardless of whether the Notice is read or received by Client.

Confidentiality / Privacy Policy

We will NEVER release your personal details to any other company for any purpose unless as required for by law. We do not keep records of your creditcard details in our website. Only our official retailers keep records of your payment details and transactions.

Project Completion

Client understands, agrees and acknowledges that Alcantara-Designs cannot guarantee a time frame for completion of website or desktop software. This is in part because it is difficult to complete projects without design approvals and participation from the Client. In addition, if the Client continues to submit additional content throughout the development process, or requests additional modifications to the site design, the completion time frame is increased. Other factors that may influence the completion date of a website include, but are not limited to, complexity of Client’s project(s), availability of Alcantara-Designs personnel, accounting status of Client’s account, etc.

If Client does not respond to Alcantara-Designs communications and, as a result, Alcantara-Designs is not able to start or complete the project, Client is still responsible for all fees incurred including, but not limited to, design purchase price, set-up fees, enhancements purchased, and other charges that begin accruing from date of sale.

Client Approval

Client is responsible for testing the functionality of the (website or desktop) software upon Alcantara-Designs’ request for approval, and notification that the (website or desktop) software has been completed. This includes, but is not limited to, functionality of all forms/website pages, database, e-commerce store, payment functions, galleries, forums etc.

For website design services, the Client is responsible for providing all content (e.g. product pictures, product text, etc.). The Client understands and agrees that if the Client does not respond within 5 business days to Alcantara-Designs’ request for approval and notification that the website has been completed and taken live, the website along with the functionality of the website and services rendered, will be deemed to be approved by the Client and Client agrees services have been rendered and the functionality of the website has been tested and approved by the Client.

The Client understands and agrees that if the Client does not respond to requests for missing information a final notification will be sent to the Client. If the Client does not respond within 5 business days to Alcantara-Designs’ final notification or requests for missing information, the website, along with the functionality of the website and the services rendered, will be deemed to be approved by the Client, and the website will be taken live with the missing information “as-is” or “under construction”.

Scope of Work

For website design, the Client understands that the website purchase and development includes a specific number of pages, features and/or functionality. The Client invoice and/or Database Specifications Summary lists the specific features, functionality and number of pages purchased. The website only includes those items purchased. If the Client desires additional features, functionality or pages client may request a price quote to purchase as additional enhancements to the website. Additional work requested by the Client outside of the scope of work purchased may be charged at an hourly rate or as specific enhancements.

“Scope Creeping” is the term used to identify instances where the scope of the project is expanded or changed by the Client after Alcantara-Designs has started working on any (type of) project (i.e. WebDesign, Desktop Software Design, Graphic Design, Content Writing, etc.). The Client understands that any changes to the original scope of work (a.k.a. “scope creeping”) will result in additional service time by Alcantara-Designs and may result in billable hours. The client will be informed of such occurrences (before Alcantara-Designs starts to work on changes) so the Client can re-evaluate it’s importance considering the additional costs involved. Additional charges will have to be approved by the Client before any additional work can be processed by Alcantara-Designs.

“Scope creeping” and the incidental charges associated with it is not applicable when the Client opts to purchase Alcantara-Design services per hour/day, instead of per project (where the fixed total number of man hours depends on the project definition/scope).

Website Change Requests During and Post Development

Alcantara-Designs agrees to build a website and/or database to specifications quoted per the original sale and original invoice. Any additions or changes requested outside of the scope of the original sale, either prior to the custom website going live, or after the site has gone live, will be billed at Alcantara-Designs’ standard hourly rate. Alcantara-Designs is not obligated to complete Client requests or changes outside of the scope of work on the original invoice.

Any additional work will be treated as a separate order and will be subject to the same procedures and terms of service as all incoming orders. Date of delivery for additional work will be determined by Alcantara-Designs.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Once we start work on your website we can no longer provide refund for the service already rendered since any work done cannot be undone. However, you can opt to cancel the project at any time where you may be entitled to receive a fraction of the deposit/payment made (subject to work rendered calculations).

Retailer Information

DalPay Retail is an authorized retailer of products and services from Alcantara-Designs. dalpay.is +18778657746 may appear on your card statement. Some banks and credit or debit card issuers may charge you an international processing fee. This international service fee is controlled and charged by your bank, or card issuer not by Alcantara-Designs or our payment processors. Please refer to INTLServiceFee.com.