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Rhoel Alcantara

Rhoel Alcantara
Software Development Consultant

Designing and building rich web and desktop applications is OUR passion. We have spent over
32 years developing and delivering mission critical software development projects for multi-national companies around the world. It is something we still do and enjoy on a regular basis.

When our team works on your project you can expect uncompromising quality, and the commitment to give you the software you need for your business. When you need good solid advice regarding software, make us your first call. Get friendly and professional advice backed up by years of extensive hands on experience.

We take pride in our work and the dedication our team brings to any project. We do everything from design and analysis, logo and graphics, writing computer code and reports, website content, extensive unit testing, and a whole lot more. You might want to see some samples of our work here.

Alcantara-Designs caters to our need to design beautiful software. We also create and share free software whenever we can. Check out our first release – a FREE ASP.Net job boards website using MySQL, Cufon Fonts, and DevExpress controls (read about our DevExpress Case Study). Aside from the free software, we also accept private projects. If you need something done right the first time around, Contact Us.

Software done right is digital poetry. decades ago, most companies were satisfied at staring at a black screen with numbered menu items. Today, software is as much an art as it is science. This is most especially true for web design where aesthetics is just as important as usability.

-Rhoel Alcantara